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The Christian:

Christian is a personal and corporate faith practice that is based on an organic relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian life is based on what thou are rather than what you do.

This site is to allow open discussions of questions and ideas related to the Christian faith. It is not to debate esoteric issues or obscure doctrines but to have an open discussion of topics, facts, and teachings in the faith.

My name is Dr. Victor Hébert and it is my intent to add clarity to a very difficult subject: Christian Faith.

After careful consideration

After careful consideration

The Christian faith is about a normal daily living. Over the years it has been rammed into a narrow hole called ritual and dismissed. Daily living is considered a different matter from the christian faith altogether, especially daily life outside one’s front door. The christian life today is centered on the Sunday service at various venues populated by people affiliated with different denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Holiness. This places the practice of the christian box called “church” that one “goes to” for the worship of God. This is wrong. The Christian life is a 24/7 daily living that is centered on the written and living word of life.



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    This is right-on!!

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